Transformational Speaking - Course Notification

Discover the path to a dramatic shift in your capacity to speak and be heard!

Here's What You'll Find in Transformational Speaking™ Online:

Seven comprehensive modules based on the curriculum of Gail Larsen’s four-day live immersion Transformational Speaking experience.

Each module begins with a video to help you center and ground yourself, and is filled with step-by-step training audios, worksheets, and video conversations with Transformational Speakers to support you in applying what you’re learning. You’ll be taking a deep dive into who you are and the dreams you may have forgotten so that you can speak powerfully to what really matters to you.

Plus, you’ll have regularly scheduled community calls with Gail Larsen and Chantal Pierrat, where you can explore your questions, present your unique challenges, and receive live feedback. The calls will be recorded as part of the course.

"Transformational Speaking is only half right. It is really Transformational Living. Gail is the real thing, a master at seeing the truth and a deep believer in the beauty of the human process. I want to sing from the mount that everyone should come and be in this experience. It will make you a more powerful speaker and a more powerful lover of who you really are.”

Danielle LaPorte 

- Danielle LaPorte
Online Philosopher and author of The Firestarter Sessions and The Desire Map